Priority Management System

Originally $100 the Priority Management System is NOW ONLY $25


Clarity Brings Action

By discovering what their time costs them, students stop procrastinating, and get more of the most important things done

"NO" Is a Full Sentence

Just as others students have, you will quickly see which activities you must STOP doing in order to see more results faster

Hit The Bullseye

Learn how WHEN you prioritize WHAT can impact your results.  Learn how to use the Active Choices Efficiency target

"I was working well over 60 hours per week when I started working with Peter and took the Priority Management System Class. In less than 2 weeks I had cut the hours I was working down by a third. After 3 months using his system I am down to approximately 35 hours per week and having record months in my business!"

Jeff Fitzgerald
Owner, Appraisal Services Northern Michigan

Priority Management System Reduced from $100 NOW ONLY $25

No matter what you are looking to accomplish properly managing your priorities is a core fundamental that simply cannot be missed.


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