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Hi, my name is Peter Pessetto. I'm a father. I'm a husband and I'm author of the book active choices and I'm here today to talk to you about multiplication. I don't know if you've ever chosen a word of the year before. I have on multiple occasions and it really helps my brain help me do things subconsciously. It helps me do things subconsciously. What do I mean by that? Our habits help us or hurt us. Our habits work against us or they work for us when we don't realize it. One of the habits that I chose to enforce in me, and if you haven't read the four stages of a habit, I invite you to go back and take a look at some of our material around the four stages of a habit. When habits are working for you, your brain will automatically pick up things and notice things that are going to positively affect you, positively affect your results and help you make great active choices.

Now a word of the year can help remind you of a state of being or a state of energy that you want to be in or it can help you in other areas of your life. It can help you in all areas of your life. One of the words that I chose for a word of the year was "gratitude". This was several years ago. I was going through a lot of challenging things in my life and there was a lot of things that were going on that were changing and I knew that I had a lot of blessings on my plate and yet I wanted to make sure that I was remembering what those blessings were on a daily basis. When I am in a state of gratitude, I'm in a state of acceptance. I'm at peace, I have a better energy, I have a better energy for the people on my bus.

I'm a better father, I'm a better husband, and so I chose the word gratitude. What did that help me do well on situations where on days when I was feeling very challenged, my brain would notice something that was going on in my life and say, "Hey, there's something that we can be grateful for today." For instance, my health, while I was going through all this, my help was actually in a pretty good place, so a lot of times I would say, Hey, well I got my workout in today, or I've got my positive fitness in today. When you have a word of the year, this can help you a lot. My word of the year for 2020 is "Multiplication". Why is that? Just like you and just like I coach my clients to do. I believe that the world is not served by me playing small. The world isn't served by you playing small.

I want you to play as big and as positive as you can your lifetime. We are all on a journey to become the best version of ourselves. The funny thing about that journey is we don't ever actually end up at that destination. I don't know a lot of people that go, Hey, you know what? At this moment in time, this is the best I'm ever going to be so I'm done because that would make it a destination. It's about a journey. It's about how you can be better on any given day. I don't know that I've ever had a perfect day and yet every day I can strive for perfection. If I choose My active choices have become a habit. I choose to be on a consistent basis. Why? Because I know that brings my energy out. I choose the people on the bus very carefully. I have high standards for the people on my bus.

What has that done for me that has put people with high standards on my bus and the people that didn't have high standards? Well, you know what? They're no longer on my bus. Great. I choose to fail every single day and when I fail at something, instead of getting frustrated around my failure, I look at it and go, I'm on the path. What can I learn? How can I implement and fail at the next level? I'll tell you very frankly what my goal is for this year, what I chose to fail at. I chose to fail at selling 100,000 copies of Active Choices. Now I could have chosen to fail at selling 10,000 copies of Active Choices. Either way, it's going to dictate my actions, either goal I believe I'm gonna fail out and I also know that by choosing to fail at 100,000 copies, my failures need to be multiplied to get close to that number.

They can't just have little failures to get close to that number. I've got to have really big failures to get close to that number. It's enforcing in me to take different actions. Multiplication is something everyone should be thinking about. What activities multiply you? What people around you multiply you? What things multiply your energy, what things multiply your health. We all can dream about going to Vegas and putting down a $1 bet and winning $1 million. That's multiplication though. You want to fail small and have that huge reward. Now Vegas is going to make a lot more than a million dollars on people putting down $1 because they have a multiplication of people coming to them then they have people winning. That's why Vegas continues to grow. So what activities are you doing to multiply the results that you're getting in your lifetime? Are you using this word multiplication? Let me give you an example.

As a business coach, I have a lot of people that come to me that they have four or five, six up to 10 things on their plate, opportunities inside one business, multiple different businesses that they could grow. And they come to me and they go, Oh my God, I got all these balls in the air. I feel so overwhelmed. What do I do? I don't have enough time. What we do is we kind of take the balls out of the air and we set them down gently so that none of them break. And then we look at what activities can they do on a consistent basis that is going to have a multiplication on the most balls that they had in the air. And then we start throwing the balls in the air again. See, the truth is for most people, they have multiple balls in the air because one ball is more important than the other and that's caused the others to go in the air.

As an author and as somebody that does a lot of public speaking and as somebody that's known in different circles, I have opportunities that come to me. My activities as an author, my activities as a speaker cause those other opportunities to come to me now, they either fit inside my multiplication or they don't, and those are my active choices to make. I look at a lot of things when it comes to business opportunities for me The very first thing I look at is are the actions I'm currently taking something that could have a positive effect on that opportunity. If so, then I could add that opportunity to my life. I could add 15 opportunities, 20 opportunities to my life tomorrow. IF they are in line with the small actions that I take everyday that have the biggest effect. Now we talk about the three laws of the universe and I'm going to talk about them in just about every video and podcast and interview and coaching call that I do.

Those three laws are the Law of Action, the Law of Vital Action and the Law of the Vacuum, which I absolutely love. Now, let's take a look at those. The Law of Action. I could take action that gets me a result or it gives me a failure. Either way, it's a result, I take an action step or I can take a Vital Action step that gets me a greater result, a greater failure, or a greater positive return. Well, it's clear in that instance that we want to take a vital action. This is why people have such a challenge with time management. As you know, I do not believe in time management whatsoever. I believe in priority management. When you know what your priorities are, your vital actions, the things that have the biggest multiplication on your life, then you have clarity and when you have clarity on what those actions are, you make them a priority and when you make them a priority, you get the results.

I know it sounds fairly simple because it is simple. The challenge is figuring out what those vital actions are and that's why people hire me is to either figure out what their vital actions are or to learn what new vital actions they could be taking that are going to have the greatest results in their life. I know that my health is a multiplier for me. If I were sick, I could not be doing this video right now. I could not be spending positive time with my son outside. I could not be taking him to public places. I make sure that I'm getting the gym. I make sure that I'm eating right because that is a multiplication thing in my life when I'm eating right a lot of other things in my life get better and get easier. Choosing you is one of the greatest, if not the greatest multiplication activity that you can do every single day, every single week, all the time. Make it a habit because when you're a better, you make everything in your life better and that's multiplication.

When you are taking multiplication activities, they actually take the same if not less time. Then all the other action things. When you're taking multiplication activities, you're having greater results. Now let's get back to that word of the year thing. There is a process that we go through where when we think about a word and we think about it enough our energy of our thoughts because thoughts are energy. We can't measure them or I can't. I certainly can't measure him, but thoughts are energy and see where my energy goes my actions go. So where my thoughts go, my actions go. In other words, if I put energy into the thought of getting to the gym and getting healthy, I take the action steps of going to the gym. If I put energy into the thoughts around, Oh my gosh, I've got so much going on in my life right now and Oh my gosh, it's raining outside and Oh my gosh, I have no time to work out.

Then I'm putting energy into the thought that I, I'm not going to work out and I don't work out. So when we put energy into the thought of the word multiplication and ask yourself for all the actions, just take 24 hours and ask yourself, does this action multiply me? Does this action multiply my health? Does this action multiply my wealth or does this action multiply a relationship or my relationships? If the answer is yes, then it's clear that's an action that you should be taking. If not, why aren't we looking for an action that you can do in your life that is a multiplier? Let me give you an example. When I choose me, I am at my best and I have energy for my health, for my wealth, for my relationships, but it's more than that. When I go to the gym, I know what actions I need to take that are going to have the most positive effect on my muscles and on my physique and on my body overall and I'm taking only those actions.

I'm not doing a lot of extra stuff. I can go to the gym and spend an hour walking on a treadmill or I could go to the gym and spend an hour doing a very targeted exercise routine. Which do you think is going to have the greater effect on my physique? Of course, the one with a very specifically designed program. Yet both of those actions considered are considered working out. Maybe I'm sick. Maybe the best I can do today is walk on the treadmill and that case. That's what I'm going to do. Most of the time though, I'm in fact 99% of the time I'm going to be doing the action of using a very specific routine.

Now I'm married. I'm also, I'm also a father so I know what activities multiply my relationship with my son. We've got certain activities that we like to do together that aren't just fun every day, every week. One of the things that he loves to do is go to the trampoline park and bounce around on trampolines for an hour. There's 168 hours in a week. If I go to the trampoline park with him, he goes for about an hour. It's one hour out of 168 if you ask him what his favorite memories are of the past week or even over a 48 hour period over a weekend, he'll tell you the trampoline park and he loves going to the trampoline park with daddy. That's a multiplication effort. I'm married and my wife and I love doing date nights. Now we talk every day. We see each other all the time and Date Night for us is a non-negotiable because we know it's a multiplication activity. We know no matter what's going on in our relationship or in the world or what's going on that week or what the weather is that on our date night we're going to bring our energy in and we're going to focus on each other, which is going to be present inside conversations.

Now, if you take all the hours of the week and that one or two hour date night, let's say it's a two hour date night, it represents a very small amount of time that we spend together and it represents a multiplication of our memories. As we look back over the previous week, both of us, we'll say, Hey, date night was one of my favorite things in the past week and if you asked me what I look forward to in the most in the next week, it's Date Night. What are the multiplication activities for you and your romantic partner? Your energy should go there first, not last. Put energy into your multiplication first in everything that you do.

So look around you look at the relationships that are most important and look at the most important relationships. What are the most important activities inside those relationships? Are you putting energy into those activities first? Are you making sure that they're scheduled on your calendar first? Remember, time management isn't about managing time. It's about managing your priorities. I'm going to prioritize date night with my wife. I'm going to prioritize going to the trampoline park with my son because those are things that we all enjoy. Those are multiplication activities. Yeah, there's homework and bath and sleeping and reading and all that other stuff that comes along and yet that's a multiplication activity.

You'll often hear me say that I believe in putting energy into the multipliers in my life first, what is a multiplier? A multiplier is somebody that is on my bus that when I put energy into them, they multiply me. They make my life better. If you didn't watch the video or listen to the podcast on choosing the people on the bus, please go back and watch that where I give a little bit longer explanation of what a multiplier is and how to look for them in your life. My multipliers get my energy first, not last, because they're the most important relationships for me. They're the most fulfilling relationships for me and they're the most fulfilling activities for me. I often ask somebody, "Hey, do you enjoy doing X, Y, Z activity?" Let's just say it's golfing. Okay. And I've often had clients say, "No, I don't really like to golf all that much, but it's important to my spouse and I love hanging out with them." Awesome. That's why they do it. It doesn't have to be your favorite activity. It can be your favorite person, it could be your favorite time. So I don't know what your activities are. You do though, and I'm sure you're already thinking about them as you're listening to this,

How does multiplication affect you? It's going to directly affect how far you go. When you look at the rock stars and the the top people in any industry, and I don't care what industry it is, they get more multiplication activities done every single day, every single week, more than any other person. That's why they've gotten to where they are. Multipliers like connecting with multipliers, multipliers seek multiplication activities. I can tell someone who's really sharp and going somewhere. When I talk to them about doing an activity and they say, there isn't enough of a return in that activity for me. I'd rather do nothing and spend the time looking for a multiplication activity than to take an action that's not going to have multiplication. I couldn't agree more. You should first prioritize your multiplication activities and your multipliers every single week. When are you going to do them? How are you going to fit them in? What is going to be the priority?

And then every single week, imagine doing the right things that multiply you in your health every single day or every single week. The activities that multiply your relationships and take the relationships that are the most important to you and make them even greater.

What are the multiplication activities for your wealth? I bet it isn't going to Vegas. Are you meeting with your financial planners? Are you putting money away? Right? Even Einstein said, one of the things that he could never figure out was the power of compounded interest. We talk about 4 or 5% interest or 7% interest or 8% interest, and yet that compounds compound is a multiplication activity. See, I love multiplication. I'm going to look for it and every single thing that I do. So ask yourself, "how are you multiplying your results?". What is your goal for the year? I don't care if it's losing weight. I don't care if it's an income goal. I don't care what your goal is for the week. Maybe you want to go flip houses. How could you go from flipping one house this year to flipping five? What would you have to do differently? You want to lose 10 pounds? How could you lose 20 you want to get down a couple percent in body fat. How could you get down 8% 10% body fat as opposed to three or 4% that's a multiplication activity.

The people on your bus. What is a standard for the people on your bus that is going to be a multiplier? See one of the things that I look for in a multiplier and a standard for people on my bus is that they're looking for multiplication. Why? Because it's important to me and if it's important to me, then I want people around me that are also looking for multiplication because sometimes we multiply each other and we have a powerful effect. When I set a goal for selling copies of Active Choices, I set a goal of making a selling 100,000 copies. Why? Because that's a huge number to fail at instead of 10,000 or a thousand how could I do that? I have to think differently. See, when you're looking for multiplication in your life, you're going to think differently and we know that when we think differently, we take different actions and when we take different actions, we get different results. Now, let's go back to the three laws. The Law of Action, the Law of Vital Action, which is your compound and your multiplication and the Law of the Vacuum. My guess is the fastest way for you to get to multiplication in your life is to start using the Law, the Vacuum, and stop doing things that you're already doing.

Remember, the Law of the Vacuum states that the universe abhors a vacuum in all forms, whether that be physical or metaphysical and it rushes to fill all space. Our thoughts are energy and they take up space. The most wonderful thing, the most positive thing, the biggest multiplication thing that you can do is to give up a thought that's not serving you.

See, we have limiting beliefs. All of us, we're going to die with limiting beliefs. It's kind of the way our brain works. It's okay. I'm not in judgment around that. I'm okay with it. I'm okay with dying with limiting beliefs. I'm not okay with not working on removing those limiting beliefs. I'm constantly striving to peel the layers of the onion. It's a, it's, it's a permanent onion. You're never going to get to the core. You can peel away a layer today and every time I stop thinking of thought, that will never serve me my life gets better and eventually my income gets better. What do I mean by that? Let's take a look at the people on my bus. My bus is full, my bus was full. My bus will always be full, right? I have room for a certain amount of people in my life and the people on my bus are helping me achieve the things in my life that I choose to accomplish.

So I had this limiting belief and the limiting belief was that if I raised my standards,

nobody would want to be on my bus. I had a limiting belief around choosing me. When I started the journey, of Choose You. I had a limiting belief that the people on my bus were going to be angry with me. And when I stopped believing that belief, when I asked myself, is that really true or is that something that I just think that's true? I said, you know what I think it's true and I really don't know. So I started choosing me and I made a, I made myself a better version of me. I have more energy. I'm more positive. I have more patience. I'm more grateful. I have more to pour into other people. So my life got better and yet I had more for other people. I had to fill my cup first in order to fill theirs. You can't fill someone else's cup when your cup is empty. So I removed that limiting belief. I started choose me. My life got better. I helped other people's lives get better. I had a belief that if I had high standards for the people on my bus that I wasn't going to be able to find people. What I found was as soon as some people got off my bus because they didn't like the standards I was setting, other people got on and these were some of the most wonderful people I've ever met and yet when I was putting energy and time into the wrong people, I didn't have the energy and time to meet the right people

Multiplication. So that limiting belief of people aren't going to want to be on my bus with high standards. Once I removed that, I got more people on my bus. I set a standard for finding multipliers. I got more multipliers on my bus. What's happened? I'm now living inside multiplication. See, it all stems from our thoughts. It's very important to understand that your results and your actions are all a function of your thoughts. So the word of the year is designed to help me multiply myself. Did you know that 50% of people will never recognize the four or five great opportunities that come to them in their life because they're not prepared? See, I'm always preparing because it's a multiplication activity for me. I've had a couple amazing opportunities in my life and when I recognize them, I immediately jumped all over them. Looking back, I'm very fortunate that I did. If not I don't know where I would be today. All of those things were multiplication. I look first for people that are going to multiply me.

And so now I have multiplication around the book and I say, how can I multiply my failure to sell 100,000 copies? What is the thing that I could fail the biggest at today?

I love multiplication and I want you to understand that you can add multiplication into your life very, very quickly. When you just start looking for it and you just say to yourself, multiplication is what I'm looking for today. Can you start asking yourself the different actions that you're taking? How does this multiply me? Is this post on Facebook multiply me. Does this Facebook live multiply me? Does this Instagram post multiply me? Does what I'm reading right now, multiply me? Is the exercise that I'm doing multiplying me, am I choosing myself at a high enough level? This is going to multiply me. When you begin to ask yourself those questions, you get real with the answers. I want you to understand this: People I don't want you to get into judgment. I say this a lot. When we start thinking about things of in terms of wrong versus right we're in the wrong thought process. See, there is no wrong and there is no right. I took an action. I got a result. Was it the result that I desired? Yes or no? If the answer's no, then I say, all right, what can I learn to get the action that I'm looking for? That's how I learn, but if I fail and I'm like, Oh man, I took the wrong action, then automatically I start getting mad at myself and I get frustrated and I get upset and I get into judgment. Why am I always making the wrong move?

I've been there and I want you NOT to go there. That's my goal. Make the active choice to not get into judgment over past results or over where you are today. If you think you should be further down the line, Oh well. See, it's normal for your brain to go there and the more you start growing, the more your brain is going to go there. Let me say that again. The more you start growing, the more your brain is going to want to get into judgment. Why is that? Because growing takes energy and brains by definition, brains don't like to use a whole lot of energy. They, they like to be lazy. It's how they're designed. They want to operate at the most efficiency with the least amount of effort. Who doesn't? It's okay. You're going to have these thoughts as you start growing and yet that doesn't mean that you shouldn't grow. That doesn't mean that the world doesn't need you to grow.

We're all on this journey. The fastest way you can get to where you want to go is multiplication. When multiplication becomes a habit, you'll start looking for it in every single thing that you do when you start looking for it and every single thing that you do, you'll find it in every single thing that you do. Your brain has a couple different parts to it and there's one part of your brain that brings in about 2 million bits of information per second. That's your unconscious brain, and there's a part of your brain called the reticular activating system or RAS and that only brings in 140 bits per second. Let me say that again. 2 million bits per second, 140 bits per second, 2 million bits subconsciously 140 bits consciously. The 140 bits that your brain is bringing in every single second are the things that you've told it to look for that are important. So all these things are coming at me every second of every day because I've told my brain multiplication is important to me my brain in 140 bits that it's going to analyze and help me recognize consciously, my brain is going to go, Hey, that's an activity that's multiplication. That's an activity that's multiplication. Hey, that's not, that's an activity that's not multiplication. You shouldn't be doing that one.

I've built the habit of finding multiplication just by telling myself that multiplication is important. This is what I help entrepreneurs do every single day. We start with the Law of Vital Action and then we start with the Law of the Vacuum. Why? Because as soon as we remove things from people's lives, they have more time, space, and energy to do more of the multiplication activities. If you could stop the world for a single week and just work in your multiplication activities. Take the time right now. What are three activities that you could do for your relationships that are most important? Pick your spouse, your child or your romantic partner and write down what are the three activities that are the most important multiplication activities for you. For your health. If I can stop the world for a week, what are the three things or two things that are the biggest multiplication activities for you? What about choosing you? What are the most important things that are going on that you would do next week? If I could stop the world?

What about just your work, where you work? Just one thing from your work that if you could just do that would give you the greatest results. See, what people find is when they start living in multiplication, they work less, not more. See to take an action that gets me just some result and to take an action that gets me a multiplication result takes the same amount of time, which is why priority management is so important. Take the time. If you haven't right now and check out our priority management class, find out what they are, go look at the time cost calculator and figure out the value of your time and figure out what your activities are that get you the greatest results. I know that's why I'm standing in front of a camera right now because this is a multiplication activity for me. I don't enjoy standing in front of a camera and watching myself talk and listen to myself any more than the next person. And I know it's a multiplication activity. This gives me an opportunity to help more people faster.

So those activities that you just took a minute to write down, what are they? How many of those actions did you take this week? How can you prioritize those actions next week? What do you have to stop doing right now that's going to allow you to take more multiplication activities next week? What is the standard for the people on your bus that has a multiplication effect? See the word multiplication can be used in everything. Why? Because vital actions are in everything. So the 80/20 rule, I know that 20% of my actions will get me 80% of my results roughly. I also know that there's 10% activities in there that are even more important. I know there's two or three activities that are vital and I'm always going to prioritize them above others. They're my biggest activity. So how can I help you fail faster? How can I help you fail at a multiplication, that level? What are you doing? What active choices are you making right now that we need to make at an exponential level? What are the things in your relationships that you've got to prioritize? My name's Peter Pessetto and I'm a multiplier. I look for multiplication. I help other people look for multiplication.

I wrote the book down because in a way that was multiplication. I can't go around and read the book to every single person. I'd like to. The book takes me about two hours to read through from start to finish.

well, 300 people times two hours, 600 hours. That's 150 work weeks. Excuse me, 15 I apologize. My math is not good today. That's 15 x 40 hour work weeks. It's months, three months of full work weeks just to read that book to the amount of people that just read it in the last little bit. So I wrote it down so that other people can read it. That's a multiplication activity for me.

I can't stress enough how important multiplication is in everything that you do. Multiply your failures, multiply your actions and multiply your thoughts. Start with the thought of multiplication. I'm looking for multiplication and every single thing that I do. You'll start finding it and you'll start finding it very, very quickly. And if not, schedule a free call with me. I'd love to help you do that. I love these things. Multiplication is everything. Multiplication needs to be a part of you for the rest of your life. Make the active choice to seek multiplication. Know, what your actions are that are multipliers and always make sure that they are a priority. And at the end of the day, choosing you is the biggest multiplier that you can do. Choosing you is the ultimate in multiplication. You should be more loyal at a multiplication factor to yourself than you are to anyone else.

See, your playing small does not serve the world, so we've got to invest in multiplication so that you can continue on that journey to be the best version of yourself. I don't know if you'll get there. I do know the activities and the choices that you can make to move further towards that version of you. I would love for you come up and I get people that say this to me all the time. They say, and this is people, young and old and just hearing active choices they're making in their life and they're saying, you know what? I love the version of me right now. I love who I am right now, and other people love it too. Let's look at love, love versus like to me that's a multiplication. You feel exponentially stronger towards something or towards someone.

Multiplication is everywhere in our life and when you just start looking for it, you'll find it. When you find it, you'll put energy into it. When you put energy into it and prioritize it, your results are going to go through the roof. One of my coaching clients, his multiplication activity started with a subtraction. He was working over 65 hours a week. In less than two week we knocked that down to about 35 hours a week. He's working almost 30 hours less. His income went up time with his family, went up, his health went up. He found the multiplication activities he put his energy to them he put systems in place for everything else. By the way, systems are a phenomenal multiplier that I teach my coaching clients about all the time.

He's spending more time with his family and his health is in a better place. If this is something that you're looking for and you're looking to be the best version of you, let me know how I can help. Let me know how anyone in the Active Choices Nation can help reach out. Schedule a free call or join our webinar. We could talk about multiplication on a high level. It's an awesome, awesome thing. The world does not deserve you to play small. I would also say that the world doesn't deserve you to play medium and the only way for you to get to big is to start multiplying yourself right now. So take a look again at those actions that you said were the multiplication things for you, for choosing you, for your people and your bus, for those relationships that are most important for your health and for your wealth. Make sure that they are prioritized in the next week.

When you have clarity on them, you'll prioritize them. When you prioritize them, you'll do them. When you do them, you get the results and everything else comes afterwards. I promise you this is the best way to live. You'll end up working less, having greater results and living the life you're capable of living. My name's Peter Pessetto. I'm a father. I'm a husband. I'm author of the book Active Choices. I'm a business coach and I'm a multiplier and I love multiplication. And if there's something that I can do to help you multiply yourself, just make the active choice to raise your hand and we will help you. Have an amazing day and go get some multiplication in!



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