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Peter Pessetto

Peter has been in the real estate industry for 20 years and has spent the last 5 years Coaching, Training & Consulting some of the top real estate brokers, and lenders in North America.


Coach Peter Pessetto

Peter has successfully coached thousands of people on how to make Active Choices in their health wealth and relationships to have the life they’re capable of. 


Peter combines his direct coaching style, polished delivery, and vast experience to move people from all walks of life into momentum.  His unique vision on priority management, Active Choices, and harnessing the law of the vacuum help his clients implement actions immediately to help get results.  

Priority Management Workshop Live

Coach Peter Pessetto takes you through his ground breaking Priority Management System Live to help you get the most results in your Health, Wealth, & Relationships in the final Quarter of 2019. The Priority Management System is a cornerstone of Active Choices Coaching's success. Clients regularly celebrate working less, making more, and having more time for those things that are most important to them. The purpose of this Live Workshop will be to learn Peter's system that's helped so many directly from him.  Coming out of the workshop you can expect clarity on your most important activities  strategies on how to deal with the whirlwind of chaos, and how to get more done in less time. Imagine starting the Final Quarter of 2019 feeling empowered, with the clarity you need to raise your business and life, to it's highest level all year.  Most importantly Q4 is where the momentum is created to set up all of 2020.   Don't miss out!   WHAT THOSE USING THE SYSTEM ARE SAYING: "What I love about these units is that they’re short, purposeful and impactful so I can watch and reflect as I am able. This is so great! Thanks again!  This was so helpful thank you!! " Toni Pakus "Awesome Introduction Peter is so engaging. Love his first message. Managing Priorities leading to the right things at the right time. Getting the results we earned. What the high achievers are doing, right Action Steps. Can't wait to hear about Life surges. Glad to be a part of this Community !! :) " Susan Aprati "Thank you Coach. Awesome stuff right here! "  Brenda Milhomme "Fantastic! Thank you coach!"  Sebastien Dusseault   DETAILS: The Priority Management Workshop takes place on Wednesday September 11th from 2PM-4PM EST via webinar.   Early registrants will have the opportunity to be active participants on the webinar, have their questions answered live by Peter and share AHAs throughout the presentation. The Workshop will take place Live on Zoom video and will not be recorded.    

$250.00 USD

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