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Your choices. Your business. Your life.

Active Choices Coaching Philosophy:

We operate on the principal that coaching, and moving you forward, doesn't need to be complicated nor does it need to take a long time. There are forces at play that affect us whether we want to grow our wealth, our health, or our relationships. We help our clients understand these fundamental forces, and how to use them, and more importantly how to stop working against them. Let's connect for a call and see what coaching can do for you!

One on One

Do you have the talent, and desire to be one of the best in your industry? Is your lack of systems keeping you from getting there? Peter has a unique opportunity for limited clients to build your systems AND DELIVER them to you on a cutting edge technology

Live In Person

With thousands of hours of public speaking experience Peter's speaking tour sells out quickly. Check out the upcoming speaking tour and reserve your seat.

It All Starts with YOU --> Choose You Today

What Is Choose You Coaching?

"Active Choices" by Peter Pessetto has received great reviews and has been well received by all that have read it. The readers' most favorite chapter "Choose You" has seemed to take on a life of it's own and has been the secret to success for many that have experience a renaissance in their life. Check out Choose You and get involved and start your renaissance today!

Put positive residual energy into yourself first.

Learn how to find opportunities to Choose You

Make agreements with yourself that stick!

Surround yourself with the type of people that support you being your best self.

Become an ambassador to others in life by letting your light shine!.


“When Peter and I started working together I was working all the time, had no time to myself and was stressed out. 1 year after hiring Peter & Active Choices Coaching my business is up 500%. I've reduced the hours I work by 50% and am enjoying life more than ever before.” Chris Maynard, Maynard Dog Training Solutions

“ Coach Pessetto taught me to build relationships that have not only help grow my business but help grow who I am as a coach, mentor, friend and mother. He has taught me how to use systems to work smarter, not harder. What I appreciate the most is he went above and beyond to care about me as a person, not just a client.” - Jamie Swartz, Healthy Inspirations

“We started with a conversation about questions that was honestly life changing. Since then, we have continued to work together and build a coaching relationship that is transforming my productivity and putting my #LIFE front and center. I now have clarity on building a HUGE sustainable business to serve others.” - Isis Latham, Regional Vice President Primerica

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